Monday, 22 October 2012

Dans les Bois

I'm back at the woods. The weather is damp and horrible but it feels familiar here and that is nice. Things have changed a bit since I was last here though. A guy went home for a few days and hasn't come back or been in touch, I'm quite worried about him but there is nothing I can do because I only have his email address. 
There is a new volunteer here. She is a psychologist who worked/works with traumatised children. I feel a bit on edge around her. Though I feel on edge most of the time at the moment. I don't know what she knows about me. I wrote a 'recovery plan' at couple-who-run-the-wood's request and emailed it to them a while ago. We need to discuss it at some point. At the moment I feel like those first couple of days in hospital where you don't have a meal or care plan yet.
I went and registered at the doctor's this morning. The form asked for my weight, as they always do, it also asked for my waist measurement which was difficult because I only know what it was last December and I've gained weight since then. I have a 20 minute nurses appointment next Monday. Then I guess I'll have a doctor's appointment the week after when they'll do any referral's they are going looks like if I see ED services it'll mirror last year and my first appointment will be mid-December! Joyous.

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  1. I'm glad you're back at the woods, and I hope that settling in goes smoothly. Sounds like it's a great place for you. xx