Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Doctor's etc.

'The Woods' (which isn't it's actual name) is in Somerset and doesn't specialise in eating disorder's and isn't a clinic. People just live here whilst they are having crisis' and then you have external therapy etc as required. But it means there are people that cook food and put it on the table at set times of day and expect me to make an effort to eat it. They also sit up with me when I'm crying about wanting to die. Most of the time it is just a 'normal' family home with some extra crazies living there :P
I went to the GP this afternoon, which I was quite scared about (getting weighed etc. in the afternoon, in clothes) anyway she is writing the referral letter and I need to call the surgery to book a dietitian appointment tomorrow. Dun dun dun. Pretty worried. But happy. But scared. Also I hate her scales because they aren't digital and they weighed me more than my super fancy digital ones.
I can't remember if I wrote about fainting in my last post or not but I've been fainting a lot. 
In more exciting news I'm seeing Lily on Saturday :) which is good, not only because I haven't seen her for 6 weeks but also because I'd be home just with one of the volunteers here and I don't really want to be... she pisses me off a lot, largely just because I'm irritable. She is a group therapist and talks like a therapist ALL THE TIME. 


  1. The Woods sounds lovely... I wish there were something like that here.

    Good luck booking the dietician! And I'm glad you're seeing Lily. xx

  2. Oh this is good news. There's hope and hope is what keeps us going. :)
    I really hope for the best for you. ♥

  3. that sounds like a nice homely place :)you should really consider somewhere like kimmeridge court if it doesnt work out though. its in dorset, they have hampshire beds and a "floating" bed, i know a couple of people from somerset who went there. its nice and homely as well, they have onsite dieticians, therapy groups, gps, nurses, OTs, the works, and its so much better to be surrounded by people going through exactly the same as you. i had a friend who went to a place like you and said it really didnt help because there were other people there without eating disorders that were leaving food etc, which makes it a lot harder for you to do what you have to do.

    but i wish you all the luck in the world!!!