Monday, 1 October 2012

I don't know when I'm going back to the woods. They have a new person coming tomorrow who also has an ED (I don't know what issues she has or where she is in terms of it). So they emailed me yesterday saying they'd been meaning to get in touch but had been really busy and that this new person is coming so they don't know how things will be for triggers etc.
I emailed back saying as long as they eat then I'm fine with it, but if they aren't eating then that was like them having an alcoholic who wouldn't stop drinking (in which case they get asked to leave). So I'm hoping either this woman doesn't stay (it will be her trial week this week) or that it is fine and I get a date.
MAJOR issues with not knowing when I'm going is that I'm signed off as unable to work and the certificate for that can only be signed for a month by my Nottingham GP. It expires on the 24th October and is pretty crucial to me getting benefits. Without the benefits I can't afford to go to the woods or do anything :/ but if I don't know when I'm going back I don't know if I need to register with a GP near my parents or not...
Bllllarrghh! On the plus side I'm probably going to the cinema/ shopping with Felicity on Friday, then seeing my brother (dinner eekk..) and then Ruby for arty/ beading fun on Saturday. And then on Thursday I might be seeing Marina and The Diamonds with Hannah if she still has a spare ticket :D then on the Friday heading for a weekend in Oxford with my best friend from school, who despite not seeing her all year (she was studying abroad) and all the stuff we've been through together I can still just tell her what is actually going on with me. Might be able to work through some of this 'WTF is this libido?!' stuff with her....however she isn't overly sharing in that department so I'm not sure.


  1. sorry i havent been in touch recently! i hope the other person isnt someone who will trigger you/she doesnt stay, so it works out for you staying there too :) sounds like you've got some good plans for the next few days though...have fun! xo.

  2. I hope everything works out and you can get back to the woods...

    I'd also like to thank you for your last comment, I need to be called out when I am being irrational. I suppose things are difficult just now.

    You are lovely.