Saturday, 20 October 2012

I feel exhausted, but I've been feeling exhausted for weeks. Which means the word exhausted has taken on a new meaning. I do not think I am so utterly tired as I was last year, last winter or spring when I was walking and walking and not eating. But now, now I'm eating and everything aches and I feel like an old woman. 
I'm moving tomorrow. I've got the obvious things ready like my clothes, shoes, toiletries. But I haven't checked that all my paperwork (medical reports, NI card, bank information, driving licence) is in my file. Things get shuffled around. 
I want to request my medical records at some point this year. 
I weighed myself this morning and it made the day harder. I still want to take my scales to Somerset though. 
I realised today how much I've slipped. 

Rice krispies with soya milk
coffee with soya milk

200 cal snack

2 rolls with filling/ 1 roll with filling and a packet of 'proper crisps'

200 cal snack

Normal portion of family dinner

200 cal snack.

It isn't the same everyday but generally lunch shrinks and snacks disappear. Which is just silly because I'm not even getting anything out of it.

I haven't worked out what to do about snacks at the woods. I've never eaten them there, except raisins occasionally. I'm too embarrassed to ask for special things. 

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