Saturday, 27 October 2012

I feel fat, bad, guilty... all those words mean the same thing to me?
I've had 3 small teaspoons of sugar today. In coffee. Sweet. 
I've had two small slices of cake/cake crumbs.
160 calories of bread. 30 calories of mayonnaise. lettuce. 
I'm using McVities chocolate digestives as laxatives. Well I have done twice this week. #wheatintolerance.

I feel like such a shit person.

It is also freezing here (almost, but not quite literally). I have chilblains on my toes which itch so much I want to cut my toes off.

I made 12 rolls. They have exactly 160 calories each. 

My favourite volunteer here left today, leaving only annoying therapist lady. And obviously the couple that run this place. 

On Monday I have a nurse's appointment at the GP. It is a really small rural practice with only two doctors meaning Dr C (from uni) hasn't been able to get through to either of them to do a handover. I'm cycling there and I'm really looking forward to exercising but I know I'm going to be a fat lump who has to walk up the hills.

On Tuesday I'm seeing a community support woman from the Somerset ED association to see what they could help me with. Luckily I've been offered a lift there because due to the time of the appointment I'd have to leave here at 12.30 for a 2.30pm appointment which is an hour and not get back until 6pm. 


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