Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ok, the dinner wasn't as bad as expected. It was six mini mini courses a lot of which I didn't like anyway so I didn't eat much but it was just from being fussy not from being screwed in the head.
I'm meant to be packing at the moment because I'm going to my Grandma's in half an hour but I had to write a letter to the student loads company and call Dr C's secretary so currently basking in the wonder that I actually used a phone effectively.
It also means a lot of the terror about being arrested for fraud has died down. I know logically that sending my medical certificate saying I have an eating disorder that means I can't work a day or two late isn't fraud but I still have the vision of one of the crappy 'this shit on benefits is fraudulant LOOK SHE IS FAT SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE AN ED' TV programmes knocking on my door with the police. 
I don't know how people are even meant to manage to claim benefits if  I'm more educated than most of the population and I find it scary and difficult to fill in the forms then how do you do that if you didn't even get GCSE's?!

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  1. That all sounds inordinately stressful... you seem to be dealing with it well.