Monday, 29 October 2012

Please read?!

Ok, just an update to people who sometimes read my blog, sometimes don't (which is cool by the way, I'd be genuinely astounded if anyone read every post). I'm living at 'The Woods' to try to recover, I'm probably going to be here until the summer and hopefully be well enough to go back to university next September. Because I'm not allowed to be at university or have a job at the moment. 
However I've lost 2kg since I've been here because I'm freaking out about what all of this means, getting better, having periods, being a woman.
So I'd really appreciate it if no one commented saying 'just skip some meals' 'just exercise a bit more' etc. I'm not expecting people to comment with things they don't think, I mean just write what you think but remember you wouldn't tell someone to skip meals in real life. 


Volunteer woman was away for the weekend, I've literally been in the same room as her for 10 minutes. She speaks to everyone like they are 3.


  1. The woods are going to be so good for you. Just remember, this initial phase, where everything is overwhelming, will pass and you'll be settled in soon. Are you weighing yourself? I would think you shouldn't be able to do that. Try to avoid it if you can, ok?

    You are strong and beautiful, Eloise.

  2. where abouts is thet? i went to a part of St Anns hospital in Sandbanks called kimmeridge court, which is a special eating disorder clinic. it was bloody hard but so worth it. we had to eat everything given to us and gain at least 1.5kg a week or we were asked to leave because we weren't putting enough effort into it. i know it goes against everything you have taught yourself - god knows i've screamed at enough plates of food to know that - but it will be SO worth it in the end, you just have to try and remember the little things you took for granted that you no longer appreciate - eg - i went for a walk in the rain the other day without feeling like i was going to die from the cold - it was amazing.

    i wish you the best of luck, try to keep strong xxxx

  3. well I guess this post is for me. I'm so sorry if I have insulted or hurt you in any way. It's an 'advice' I would give in real life and I'm always sincere on my comments. because as an isolated fact I believe it's not a big deal, and that's my opinion. the fact that -as you said- I don't read every sigle one of your posts because I have so many other girls that -like you- I like to follow and support made that comment inappropriate to your blog especially.

    I'm wishing you full recovery :)

  4. You're probably sick of hearing this from me, but hang in there. You deserve so much more than this. xx