Saturday, 6 October 2012

Urgh, I went out with my brother last night which was ok, stressful because we ate out but ok. However I got really bloated and it was painful so I slept really badly. Came home and got in just after 1pm. Meaning I'd missed breakfast, snack and then my parents went out so lunch didn't really happen. I had some rice krispies and crisps later on. At about 5.30pm I got really really cold and started not being able to think straight. I didn't know when my parents would be back so I microwaved potato, fish fingers and green beans AKA what I ate all last year at uni. They got in just as the microwave pinged. I ate a few bites and burst into tears because it tastes crap and reminds me of how shit last year was and how I'd just got so hungry and cold I couldn't think and it had gone wrong. So now I'm having dinner with my family when it is cooked but getting really stressed because 'I've already had dinner' and I just hate how horrible today has been with food and my stomach is still bloated and painful from last night.

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