Friday, 23 November 2012


I am 300g heavier than yesterday, most likely due to having more digesting food and therefore also more water inside me. 

I haven't had breakfast, I won't snack, and I will only have one roll at lunch. 

We're having casserole for dinner, it is burgers tomorrow...

I need to stop weighing myself. 

My appointment is on Wednesday. I know you'll all be SUPER interested but I'm going to be out for over 6 hours...

9.45- leave house 
10.15- get to bus stop
10.20- get bus
11.15- arrive in the right town
12.00- appointment
13.30- appointment ends
14.13- bus back
15.07- get back to my town, walk to infant school and meet F and the kids, take middle child to gym, get back to the house at 4ish. 

I am glad I've got an appointment (pretty amazed actually) BUT next Wednesday everyone is making Christmas decorations and I have to go and answer 50 billion questions about my 'history' and what I want help with :(

... Need to do laundry and make bread now.


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