Thursday, 29 November 2012

Appointment update

To be honest it wasn't terrible. was with a mental health social worker and I could tell... in almost 2 hours we didn't get through all the assessment information so I'm probably going to have to go back just to talk more about my history.
She didn't really get the ED stuff... like 'I want to get better, I'm losing right now so I only have a certain amount of time to turn this around before you're like "ermm just gain weight we'll talk later." ' I mean that isnt' exactly what I said. Anyway she had my weight from a month ago and I told her what that was in BMI and she was like 'oh that is more than reasonable, more than enough' and I was like 'Tell me about it this is why I have an ED' but in reality I just started crying and yeh...
She also didn't understand tourette's urgh. So every time I had a big tic (which given I was stressed was a fair amount compared to barely ever on an average day now) she was like 'oh was that a hard question, are you anxious'. DON'T COMMENT ON THE TICS OK. Gah. I had to explain that anxiety made tics worse but that you don't just have them because of anxiety...otherwise I'd just go on an anxiety med and they'd be gone DUH. 
She thinks I'm too unstable to have therapy about my past. Bleh, anyway, I'll hear from 'the team' in 2 weeks either saying what the options are or that I have to have another assessment. 
In 2 weeks it is almost mid December, then with Christmas and New Year January...if I actually end up being referred to STEPS (ED) from The Bridge team (people now, mental health) it'll probably be February before I see anyone. 


  1. sounds a bit frustrating, but not bad. Hope you're well. xx

  2. ICK!!!!! It's my own bias, but try a guy next time!

    Best wishes to you.