Sunday, 11 November 2012


I am, ever so excitingly sleeping in the house tonight and from now on! Or at least until the spring I hope. Meaning I'm sitting in bed, on my laptop. I'm not cold and I have my own bathroom. 
I was a bit worried about having my own bathroom and the ease of purging however it has a macerater pump and I'm too scared it would get blocked. 
I got really upset last night, well angry, distressed, I don't know. I thought (and people in charge thought) I was moving into this room last night but then the guy who was moving out was still there and yeah I got stressed out. I cut and then more awkwardly T came to update me on the room situation and I was in my hut dripping blood all over the sheets. He talked to me about it a little but not really, I don't know. Today he mentioned how there had been a misunderstanding but didn't mention the cutting. 
I am doing ok here, I mean I'm still alive and no A&E and I've only lost 2kg not 5 or 7 or 15. It is hard to tell if I'm doing anything better though. I sort of want to sit down and chat about things with F and T again but equally just doing the daily things seems so hard. The past week it has been my turn to feed the chickens and just that simple task has stressed me out so much.


  1. I'm so glad you'll be moving into the warmth! Sounds like it'll be a vast improvement. And though you may not feel like you're doing better, from what I read here, it seems like you are.


  2. So glad you're inside. DON'T BLOCK THE LOOOOO WITH SICK (I'm so helpful rite?) and yes, simple things are so stressful there like chicken feeding, but just try and rationalise are capable of doing it and you will get it done xoxoxoxoxo keep going

  3. I'm really terrible at keeping up with things, and keeping in contact (sorry). I hope things get better lovely, you really do deserve it, honestly. I will have to send your present soon! Any chance of seeing you at Christmas time for our Christmas Starbucks? I'm going to get a rail card soon to see people! I do miss you beautiful, i know things are tough but they can get easier. Hold on to hope angel, lots of love - Shannice xx
    p.s food is for bellies not for bowls! xx