Monday, 26 November 2012

I can't think of anything to write that is remotely interesting and isn't a number fest of calories eaten burnt. Weight. 
I have my appointment on Wednesday and I'm getting more and more anxious about it. The service sounded so good on the phone when they called me but...I just don't think they will do what they actually say they can do. Basically they've said it is up to me but they can deal with everything whereas in the past it has either been the ED or the self harm and depression or the communication problems and no one has wanted to go near the abuse stuff. 
Also for the first time I don't feel like I need to prove that I'm ill...well except that I'm scared they'll weigh me and :/ I don't think I will be weighed at this appointment though. I will be at some point but I'd be surprised if it was Wednesday.
The GP almost referred me to Child and Adolescent (she didn't realise my age as I'd actually been entered as 6 weeks old on the system!). My letter went to the adult service and then I just happen to be being seen in the same place as the elderly mental health unit so I've gone from an under 18 service to over 65 :P (I'll be seeing someone for my age group but they are using the outpatient bit next door to the elderly mental health IP). 

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  1. Best of luck with your appointment. As always, hang in there. xx