Sunday, 18 November 2012

I figure maintaining for one day is the same whether you're trying to lose or not. I did make an effort to eat more yesterday though and I have maintained. To be honest I'm mostly pleased about it (?!) though part of that is knowing I will keep losing so I don't really have a healthy attitude. Also I have a screwed up stomach at the moment which is retaining water so quite probably my meagre increase has nothing to do with it. 

I do feel a bit more in control though (as in I don't have to keep losing, I can change this).

Lunch is pumpkin risotto followed by chocolate mousse (both dairy free for me). Dinner will be bread with ham and cheese...though we've run out of ham and I can't eat cheese so I'll probably have a roll with jam which isn't exactly a meal. T is going to tesco in a bit though so I'm not sure what he is buying (generally shopping is Monday and Thursday). Usually we'd have a massive omelette on Sunday as well but A (guest) made 2 massive ones when he cooked last night to have alongside jacket potatoes. Obviously he put cheese in both omelettes so I had a JP with mayonnaise... I hate it when he or V (volunteer) cook. They always forget my allergies or expect me to do things like boil my own pasta. When I cook (Tuesdays) even though I find it really stressful I make a big effort to make enough food that everyone likes and no one is allergic to. T and F (especially F) always make sure what they cook is ok for me to eat.

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  1. I apologize for not having been on in a while.. it sounds like things are rather difficult right now. I don't know what to say, really, because I don't want to be hypocritical. It seems that you're doing quite well with your outlook/mindset, or at least much better than you have in the past. I hope that the weight is something that you can figure out as you go. You're right, you shouldn't be buying children's jeans. You are not a child. And that is as it should be.

    Hang in there, xx