Friday, 30 November 2012

I know, I know, I KNOW I distort things in my head. I just want to think straight. I think I'm going to FREEEEEEZE tomorrow... I'm making Christmas decorations in the woods with some kids (Forest School). 
I gave a long note to F last night but she hasn't said anything about reading it...normally T does. HOWEVER, I think I'll probably end up having a chat with T and/ or F on Monday because I said in the note I didn't want to tell them if I cut anymore...soooo yeh. 
I don't know, I do want to get better I just don't see how it helps. It makes me see that every cut is a cut it doesn't matter if I gash my arm open or do little ones it is still a cut so I am meant to tell them. When I tell them though it doesn't make anything better. 
Also I told F my weight in the note and now I feel super fat.

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