Sunday, 4 November 2012

Il fait froid!!!

I'm falling back to OCD and I guess that means I actually am struggling and this isn't all fake. One of the goals whilst I'm here (so the next 9ish months) is to be able to do a supermarket shop. I said I could maybe go into town to buy the things for soup on Tuesday (soup is Wednesday), then last night it came into my head that if I go I have to buy paracetamol. Not to kill myself, just to make myself sick for a few days. Which is stupid. I should tell T or F (the people that run the woods), I probably will, I'm remarkably honest with them and I actually don't mind talking to T about stuff even though he is a man. 

Seeing Lily was lovely. We went to Wells which is a city but really tiny it just happens to have a cathedral and is therefore a city. We ate in this vegetarian cafe and I had a jacket potato with ratatouille which is something I actually like but also strange to eat similar foods to last year but in the right portion size. We both felt a bit uncomfortably full, wandered round the market and some of the shops. I bought my friend whose just had her baby boy at 31 weeks a little knitted hat and booties (red hat, RAINBOW BOOTIES! I'm not sure what her husband will think...). Then we came back here and had a snack watching Atonement. 

T and F were out yesterday and last night meaning I didn't have dinner... the other guest (aka ill person) and the volunteer (child psych patronising woman) had fish. I just realised I could opt out so did, I had rice krispies watching strictly come dancing. 

Then I woke up this morning to (a little bit) of snow! This is the picture from the house and the hanging basket happens to obscure my hut but you get the idea that it is cold and snowy!

Additionally, thank you for all the comments I've had recently, I genuinely have more contact with you guys than people I know from uni etc. It means a lot and sorry to those I haven't replied to via facebook or email etc xxx

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  1. i just commented on your other post, but AHHHHH, SNOW! i'm so jealous! it's just really cold up here :( xo.