Monday, 5 November 2012

Il fait TROP froid

1. Not at a medical facility. Living in an 'extended household' for crazy people. So I live with a family of five and they have people struggling to come and live with them and they help by having routine, people to chat to, encouraging you to go to appointments/ driving me, cooking etc. 

2. Just sent the most incoherent email about being too cold. Had such bad cramps last night and in my chest and it is scary and it is just so cold. I can't think properly and I've been inside for 45 minutes. 
I live in a Shepherd's hut (google it and you get an idea of what it looks like). It has a stove but even if I get the fire heating to 20 deg Celsius I wake up and it is 4 or this morning 1 degree. But I don't know when T will check his emails because I think they're getting the kids up at the moment. 

3. Yesterday was exhausting. I was in the workshop with everyone making a 'shadow board' for tools (white board with the shape of the tool painted black, if the tool isn't there you can see what is missing). Then we got on to discussing how we would feel if a Wednesday person came to stay for a week. Then I sort of slagged him off a bit (he is preaching and domineering), then I started talking about volunteers and the good and bad about them. But I did it in front of VolunteerIfindannoyingandwhousedflour, I didn't mean it like 'this is what is good, you are crap' but then once everyone had gone T talked to me about why I find said volunteer so argh'ing and basically we both said how I'm a massive child. He went inside for coffee. I used a carving knife to carve my arm (feel mega guilty about that...). Then I spent most of the rest of the morning crying. The rest of the day exhausted and then I couldn't sleep because IT IS COLD.

Lol that google doesn't recognise 'google' in spellcheck...

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