Sunday, 16 December 2012


Bipolar man A is fasting "for spiritual enlightenment". I want to light a spliff in front of him and say it is for "medicinal purposes". Fucking hell. 

In all of this whatever I say it'll be my fault for being triggered and funnily enough lighting up a spliff would get me kicked out. 

Social worker meeting at mental health place was shite. I move to the wrong part of the county to see an actual ED team. In this area they just have a specialist who advises your key worker or therapist (unless you get thin enough for them to refer you out of area). It was another hour and a quarter of discussing things that are boring. Me crying, her saying bullshit about my life and being wonderfully unenthusiastic about if/how they could help me. 

I'm angry, I want to swear and thump and smash things. I can't though, so I just cut. T says he'd rather I throw plates at him than cut myself but that is a load of crap too because he'd go mental if I threw plates at him.

I have to clean out the chicken coop tomorrow. Boo-fucking-yah.

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  1. Other people fasting drives me up the wall. And chicken coops are gross.