Monday, 10 December 2012


Key words from the information leaflets my dietitian gave me:
"weight loss" "weight loss plan" x 5

"most people will lose weight if they eat or drink between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day"

A big red box entitled A WORD OF CAUTION advising against avocado, dried fruits, fruit juice, smoothies and tinned fruit or veg.

"We believe in a weight loss plan for life. That doesn't mean having to survive forever on salads and crispbreads!"

"But remember that fat is sometimes hidden in foods, so it may not be obvious. Watch out!"

"Do you really need to add margarine to the mashed potato? Greasy chips?"

"Try breads which are so tasty they don't need any spread"

"Count the fat!"

"oil-rich dressing? Choose low calorie or fat free...wouldn't your fresh fruit taste even better without the cream?"

"Semi-skimmed milk is great, skimmed even better"

"Choose low fat...low sugar or low calorie!"

"Choose fromage frais and choose the very low fat type"


T and F think it is crazy they gave it to me. I just feel like everything has been confirmed just as I want to escape from this. 

I feel so shit. They should write some pro-ana tips and tricks in their spare time.


  1. What a useless bit of literature. I am sorry. xx

  2. That is by far the worst advice/tips I have ever read, I almost went on a health rant against every single one of those. Holding my tongue as I'm sure it wont help you.
    Hang in there lovely xx