Saturday, 8 December 2012

I took some time off from blogging (I know right...four days or something... :P) because some people were talking about blogging and narcissism and I just wanted to think about why I blog etc. 
I had a hard week but yesterday I saw Lily which was lovely and made me go out. The mental health team called whilst I was with her and I have another assessment on the 14th. I'm seeing the nutritionist on Monday and therefore freaking out. I'm verging on binging due to restriction and ate some food with wheat in it this evening (in a sort of 'binge' style 'I NEED TO EAT SOMETHING' way but I didn't binge  in terms of quantity) so my stomach is bloated, I'm retching acid and generally in pain now. Fun.

I asked T and F for 'homework' to do in the evenings as a distraction from self-harm. T is an author and F is Italian and they speak to the children in Italian a lot of the time. I'm picking up bits of Italian and can understand a lot but I'm going to do some grammar etc. I'm hoping it helps as a distraction.

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  1. I'm glad you're back. The "homework" sounds like a good idea... distraction is key, and Italian is lovely. Hope you're well, xx