Sunday, 2 December 2012

Les enfants

One of the best things about being here is that it is a family home. It isn't a unit, it isn't a closed community and there is a fairly large group of people who regularly pop in or come for a day (or a few days). It also means their 3 young kids are here...which 90% of the time is lovely. Not only are they funny and cute, they let you know exactly what they think of you and are a massive distraction (bearing Lego or stickers). However living with three kids under 8 also has it's drawbacks... mainly that there are days like today when all three are tired, all three have cried and all three have screamed. Additionally their new bedtime routine clashes with the Strictly Come Dancing results show which I really love watching all together! Obviously it also means that you can't have intense conversations all the time but that has its pros. The same as being here- regardless of the weather or how shit you feel the pigs need feeding, everyone else needs feeding. However shit I feel generally I can come out and play with the kids and have to ignore that for awhile. I can't always do that, they aren't always here, or awake and you can't rely on them to be agreeable...and often if I feel awful and I really don't want to interact with children (or anyone) for fear of inflicting my crazy on them.

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