Friday, 4 January 2013

New Old.

New year: new notebooks, new plans, new spreadsheets, new graphs. 

I no longer have my scales. So I have a calorie counter app (because I don't know the calories already?!) and a spreadsheet that calculates weight loss in grams according to my required calories and deficit. A pedometer, a tape measure.

I'm such a loser.

I'm seeing the GP on Monday, who will weigh me. I need to talk to her about the mess that is my assessment by the mental health team.

I want to talk to T and/or F about some practical things and also things I'm worried about... but I don't want to ask for their time (because I don't deserve it).


I'm trying to decide whether to go out to buy new boots. I live about 12 miles from the Clarks factory. But it is a 30 minute walk to the bus stop and then 50 minutes on the bus. I need to decide. 
I'm tired because I'm restricting then berating myself for being lazy (sound familiar to anyone?).

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  1. happy new year darling!
    definitely new year, new boots!!