Friday, 8 February 2013

I've been aware I need to eat more for... lets just say awhile. So I've been trying to eat more, adding it up in the evening and then realising 'oh it is still roughly the same amount'. 
Today I've eaten how much I would normally eat in a day BUT I haven't had dinner yet...lentils and veg followed by chocolate courgette cake. Which healthy as it sounds has 300ml of oil in it. 
I had a blood test this morning and my arm is oh so painful.

I have my psych appointment on Tuesday and the following Tuesday I'm meeting a private therapist. The psych appointment is just to get a report ammended I've pretty much given up trying to get help from them. When I go back to Uni I can go back to good NHS treatment rather than living in the middle of the country NHS treatment!

Knowing I'm going to go over my 'safe' number I want to just eat and eat and eat. I did that on the 13th of January and ate my recommended amount of calories.

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