Monday, 11 February 2013

My psychiatrist appointment is tomorrow. F is coming with me (thank goodness...and her!). The Service Manager called today to apologise for an awful thing they wrote in my report. They had previously refused to apologise so I'm really relieved. 
I also spoke to him about how I really want to get better. How my weight is 18/19 BMI so stable and not critical but that because of my heart and blood pressure I can't cycle, I'm not allowed to drive, I'm on the pill to try and sort out my oestrogen and stop my bone density getting worse. I need to get better sooner rather than later, I can't keep ticking along like this. 
He seemed pretty reasonable. 
He is going to speak to the psychiatrist before my appointment tomorrow morning so she knows about all the errors in the report. 

I'm still anxious about the appointment but less so now that I've spoken to a reasonable person who works there. 

Also I finally called up about money and I'm now on the amount I should be on and they are backdating payments for the 2 months they didn't give me any money and oh my goodness it is such a relief that I don't have to worry about money again for awhile!

New stress: burger and chips for dinner.


  1. I hope that your appointment went well. It sounds like you're going under positive circumstances, with F's company and the corrected report.

    I wish that I could wish your stress away. But alas. xx

  2. i hope the meeting went well! and that you got the money sorted :) text me anytime, xo.