Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunday 24th February

I'm in Nottingham at the moment.It is going quite well. I went out for my friend's birthday yesterday. There were some annoying people but mostly is was enjoyable.
Today whilst everyone else was nursing hangovers I got up and went to my friend's house. We had coffee and a chat about her life, new boyfriend etc. Then I went into town to a few shops and to the cinema. Now I'm back at my friend's house chilling out. I'm staying here tonight then off to sign the contract for my uni house from september.

T gave me a lift to the coach station on saturday morning. I got a bit of an ultimatum about food which has been going backwards but...I just didn't think anyone really noticed. We're talking when I'm back but basically I have to have breakfast, at least one roll at lunch and not interfere with dinner (as in if I'm allergic to the planned dinner and am having an alternative the chef for the night does it for me)

I've vaguely mentioned food hiding but I don't know if they got it. I know how silly and illogical and potentially obvious it is but I can't not and I know I'm going to get into trouble at somepoint.

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